Process & Quality


Our manufacturing process includes extrusion process of thermoplastic material on conductor by way of insulation. The conductor is prepared in our Unit by bunching machines and PVC insulation is done by extruder. In multi - core cables, required nos.Of core are insulated & stranded together to make a rope. Then PVC sheath is done on it. The length is can be provided as per customer's requirement, which is then packed in coil form or wooden drum, whichever the case may be.

Quality control

  • Raw-material

    We purchase copper wire from local manufacturer or get it from MMTC. If we get it from MMTC, we send it to drawing unit on labour job for required sizes, annealed copper in form of coil or spool is received in our unit. Then pre-manufacturing tests are done on copper like Annealing Test, Resistance Test and Physical Test for Dimension. These are necessary tests which are required to be carried out before we issue same conductor to shop floor. Whereas for PVC compound we take some sample to check the color, shore-hardness, and other chemical effects. These are our pre-manufacturing quality control operations.

  • Process Stage

    When we find everything up to the standard, copper wire issue to bunching machine in case of flexible copper or issued to stranding machine of SM conductor. After the conductor is bunched or stranded, we again check diameter, resistance and annealing. The visual checking is also done to find out any damages to conductor. If all above tests are found okay, only, then we proceed the Copper wires to extrusion process.

  • Extrusion

    After the formation of conductor as per requirement; if found perfect, the extrusion process is done by way of insulation of PVC compound. During extrusion process we apply spark tester in line with the extruder. By machine, we apply required ac volts with proper sensitivity as per BIS requirement. Our extruder is also well equipped with blind temperature controller to ensure the proper heating load to PVC compound for melting it at proper degree. The cooling system by way of water bath is attached with extruder, the minimum insulation thickness and overall diameter of cables is maintained at this stage.

  • Finished Products

    Now, once the single core cable is manufactured, we cut the same in required length. All tests which are specified in is 694 (90) are done by proper method of IS:10200 and others. There are two types of tests one is type test and the other is routine test. We also test the physical properties of PVC compound and conductor. The type test is done on random basic where as routine test is done on whole lot of cable with every coil.

  • Marking & Packing

    After all tests and results are found okay, we put ISI mark on our products. We have obtained consent of BIS to mark ISI of IS:694(90) on our products. The copy of CM/L is attached on packing label. We give full description of cable with serial nos. & Mfd. Year. We pack cable in coil form or wooden drum to protect it from damages in transit.

Test Report

The test procedure is laid down by BIS and we follow them. The diagram of tests on the cable from raw-material to the finished product is as following.

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