• For insulation inside & outside building in dry & damp location.
  • In Cable duct, cable pito and for burging in ground.
  • In wiring of Industrial Plants, Power station Control Rooms, Switch Plant, Control Panel and as origin equipment.

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About Us

Something To Tell You

ROLLIFLEX PVC Insulated Wires & Cables are manufactured by M/S. Rolliflex Industries, 21, Somnath Co-operative Industrial Society Ltd., Somnath Road, Dabhel, Daman - 396 210. Our works at Daman, employs modern manufacturing techniques, skillfully manned by highly qualified team, which exercise strict Quality Control at every stage of Production, to ensure customer the best.

Advantage Of PVC Insulated Cables

Thermo-plastic Insulated cables with Poly-Vinyl Chloride Insulation & Sheath due to their technical advantage, have a very wide field of application. It has more advantage than paper insulation or rubber insulation. PVC Cables have proved very successful for use in Power Station, Distribution Station, Railways signal Line systems and all type of Industrial Plants, Chemical Plants and Mining. The following are the main advantage of PVC Insulation.

  • High mechanical strength & Resistance to D.C. Voltage effects.
  • Resistance to most acids, alkalies and occasional contact with solvent oils and liquid fuels.
  • High dielectric strength and resistance to abrasion and ageing.
  • Smooth and nest in appearances.
  • Easy to bend, pull, handle & install.
  • Easy connection to Iron clad switch and distribution boxes saving man hour, material & space.


All wires & Cable manufacturing with Copper or Aluminum Conductor, which bear high Electrolytic & Properties, sound mechanical property, the conductor bunched or stranded together. As per IS: 8130-1976 class 1, 2 & class 5.

Outer Sheath

The final sheath is prepared with proper grade of PVC compound in black colour. In flexible multicore and sheathed house wire used white colour, which depend on certain application. As per IS: 5831 Type ST 1

Core Colour

Single Core Black – Red – Yellow – Blue & Grey
Two Core Black & Red
Three Core Red - Black - Yellow / Green
Four Core Red – Black -Yellow/Green
Five Core Red – Yellow – Blue – Black & Grey
Six & above All core white with numbering
  One core Yellow/Green

Cable Code

For easy communication following code used for Identification.
Y. PVC Insulated unsheathed Plain Copper Conductor.
Y.Y PVC Insulated & sheathed unarmoured cable with copper conductor.
YWY PVC Insulated & sheathed steel round wire armoured with copper conductor.
YFY PVC Insulated & sheathed steel round wire armoured with copper conductor.
AY PVC Insulated unsheathed plain alluminium conductor.
AYY PVC Insulated & sheathed unarmoured cable with alumimum conductor.
AYWY PVC Insulated & sheathed round steel wire armoured with aluminium conductor.
AYWY PVC Insulated & sheathed flat steel wire armoured with aluminium conductor.

Quality Control

'ROLLIFLEX' Cables and wires are checked at every stage of production. From conductor to packing of the finished goods it has been checked & specified by IS that is why we are approved by Indian Standard Institution, and their consent is obtained to mark this cable with IS 694. The flow-chart shows the manufacturing process & Quality Control Checks for cables to IS: 694.